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When I'm having a discussion with others, I often bring in unexpected outside references that others find eye-opening.
Taking on challenging opportunities enables me to live life more intensely.
When working on a problem, I can endure a state of uncertainty longer than most other people.
I often take the initiative to instigate new endeavors.
I can navigate my way in complex organizations to achieve my goals.
I believe there is plenty of money to go around and I can always make more money if I need to.
I need to understand and be involved in every aspect of a business or project that I am working on.
On balance, I tend to persuade people to my point of view.
I tend to be several steps ahead of other people.
When circumstances change, I can easily adapt my approach.
At work, I have been known to challenge people to really think, regardless of their seniority.
I process information faster than most people.
I frequently identify ideas that can be converted into new products or services (regardless of whether I may pursue them).
I can easily embrace a new direction if the first direction I've begun is not working out.

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