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Innovation skills advance careers and lives. See how!

Richard discovered his innovation strengths
and improved his team’s performance.

“I manage a team of 12 developers. My company definitely expects us to drive innovation, but other than using agile methods, we didn’t really have the tools to deliver on these expectations.
My team took the Swarm Scan and learned that we are pretty much wired for Incremental Innovation right now. That lit a fire under us to grow our skills. So we took the Swarm Innovation Training and wow. What can I say? It opened our minds to a whole new way of thinking.
We are now coming up with much more breakthrough ideas, and we have the financial and communication skills to persuade the company to greenlight several of them. No one expects this of developers! Swarm has been a huge confidence booster for my team. And everyone seems to be much more excited about the future of the company and about our work.”
— Richard E., Software Manager

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Josie showed her boss her innovation profile
and got an exciting new project.

“I am a researcher and what they call an “individual contributor,” I don’t manage people and honestly, I don’t really want to. Mainly I focus on putting out fires, fixing problems for existing customers. It can be rewarding when I help them solve problems, but it can be kind of limiting, too. It felt like I was just maintaining the status quo.

Then my colleague told me about Swarm, so I took the Swarm Scan. I know it’s just 14 or 15 questions, but the research behind it seems really credible. So when I scored as likely a Transformer, I took my results to my boss and we had an amazing conversation, It turns out he was under pressure to deliver more future-focused, new ideas for how to expand the business, even get into whole new areas. He asked me to be part of this new team!

So now I get to spend about 20% of my time on much more interesting research areas. I am so much more fulfilled in my work. My boss even had the whole team take the Swarm Scan and Swarm Innovation Training!”

— Josie Y., R&D Associate

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Anne improved her innovation skills
and got a promotion.

“I had been moving up steadily in my company ever since joining about 5 years ago. But lately it felt like I was on a plateau. There wasn’t anywhere for me to go that really excited or interested me that much.

So when I heard about Swarm, I was curious and took the Swarm Innovation Profiler. I’d been hearing about the accelerating pace of change and all of that, but I hadn’t really made the connection back to my skills. That maybe I needed a different set of skills than I got in college.

So I took the Swarm Innovation Training. It just took a few hours a week and I enjoyed it. I looked forward to doing a little of it each night before I went to bed. In less than a month, I felt I had a whole new set of skills.

The training got me seeing opportunities at work that previously I was blind to. I developed a bunch of new connections beyond my narrow department, too. Thanks to Swarm, I also was able to talk about the financial value of my ideas, and advocate for them. It was a game-changer.

My boss came to me last week and offered me a new, exciting role — I’ll be leading some new initiatives and will for the first time, lead my own team! I never would have had this chance without Swarm!”

— Anne W., Marketing Manager

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William got a better job
using his innovation skills.

“I’ve had a great career in Finance. But I left my job about six months ago and have been looking for what’s next. I wanted a broader view of the business, and wanted to feel like I was part of driving the future, not just reporting on the past. You know?

My wife mentioned Swarm and I took the simple questionnaire online. It says I am likely to be an Explorer, and it felt, “Finally! Some validation of how I’d been feeling!” But I wanted to have something concrete to bring to my job interviews and a new role.

So I took the Swarm Innovation Training and developed my own proposal for the company I most wanted to work for. Needless to say, they were blown away in the interview, and I got an offer the next day. It’s my dream job! And I never would have had the skills to put this proposal together and pitch it so confidently, without Swarm.”

— William A., Finance Manager

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